On a dandelion, 21 May 2018, between the Dept Natural Resources facilities and Bishop Drive, Fredericton. This Common Damsel Bug - NABIDAE Nabinae: Nabis roseipennis had captured a syrphid fly, probably Melanostoma, and is using its built-in straw to suck the juices from the fly.

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Wow! The Syrphid is Melanostoma mellinum (Western Roundtail)

Thank you, Denis.

Yikes! :)  Great shot, Chris! Perilous times for small syrphids. Here's a shot from a couple of days ago of a dung fly Scarthophaga sp. with a small syrphid, probably Parasyrphus sp. (Cocagne, NB)

Wow, Stuart. I didn't know that dung flies were predators! Looks almost like they are doing some intraspecies cuddling.

Wonderful captures Chris and Stuart!!  built in straw is so cool :)

Cool shots guys! Its a dangerous world out there for these little critters.


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