No pictures, sorry.  

My co-worker and I saw it (almost hit it and its 3 non-albino friends) July 2nd at 5:15 a.m. on Canada Street in Fredericton.  We were heading out of town towards Miramichi.  It was roughly where the speed limit changes from a 50 to 80 km (ballpark co-ordinates 45.997167, -66.577028).  There are usually deer crossing the street there, but this is the first time we've seen an albino in the group.

Passing the word along in hopes someone gets a picture of it. 


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I actually saw one in the Fredericton area once too as I was driving up to Edmunston area... When my wife told me she saw one, I laughed at her.. I stopped the car and backed up for like 5 minutes to see it, but the whole family saw it and it was definitely a deer with a lot of white on it...  I think it's not really "albino deer" but rather "calico deer" because there was some patches of brown when I did see it... You likely won't see that very often as I think they are quite rare in the wild!


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