PSA - This bear is quite comfortable around people.

We have had reports of a bear in our neighbourhood for the past 2 weeks.  DNR put out traps but did not catch one.  About 9:20 tonight this guy showed up on the deck.  I sprayed it with the hose, but it came back a few minutes later.

It couldn't reach the feeders easily, so it left the deck and went below; and introduced itself to me.

Then it proceeded to tear down the 8' post and another metal one that held the feeders.

Enjoying some sunflower.

Cozying up to the favored feeder.

Talked to DNR, he told me to bring in the feeder at night - problem solved, feeders/posts are no longer functional.  The bear stayed here for about 45 minutes.

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Looks like the duct tape held!

Ha !  Yeah the masked bandits broke that on me, but I Red Greened it; and it's doing OK.  Had to take the fence spike out of the ground though, and install a new one.  The bear pretty much broke the other one clean off.

Ah well, Danny, it's going to leave a special memory! Looks like a 2017 model.


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