Had a rare glimpse of a Bobcat crossing my back field on Monday afternoon.  One doesn't often see Bobcat in the daytime, as they tend to move at night.

He/she really stood out against the snow/ice in the field, but by the time I got the camera, it was a couple of hundred yards away and almost invisible in the old grass.

No doubt moving around in the daytime looking for a mate as spring is their mating season.

I knew that this cat was around our property as it showed up on a trail camera I have up on a deer trail.

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Wow John....what a beauty!  To me, the camera appears to show that the cat is quite thin in the hind area, but it may be just the angle and their makeup.  I know nothing about them.....looks hungry :).

Hi Gail.  Thanks.  Not much of a picture, cat was over 200 yds away and I don't have a long lens.  Tried to crop without distorting image too much.  I did think the cat looked a little thin as well.  Looked a lot more robust in the trail camera pic taken in early January.  Lots of rabbits and rodents around here, so I don't know why it would be having trouble finding food??

All good,.................... unless it decides to try and make a meal out of my free range laying hens.  I normally have trouble with foxes later in the spring, who decide the take the easy way and hunt my hens. lol  Don't need any issues with a bobcat!

Yesterday afternoon, March 10th, went for a walk in my woodlot, cruising to make plans for firewood cutting.  After trudging through the lot, I was talking to my son in the door yard, when the Bobcat came out into the field , paid no mind to us at all, and walked slowly across the field and into the woods.

Two sightings in one week!


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