Found at my bird feeder a few minutes ago.  He didn't move for some time, I think he thought I could not see him :-)

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Cute fellow! Don't think I've ever seen one of these.

Nice capture, Danny!

Thanks, they are very tame; I was about 2 feet away from him.  I snapped a half dozen shots and he finally had enough and glided off into the woods.

very nice! Where did you see this? What area of NB?

On my deck, on the hill, in Fredericton south.

Interesting! I know they exist, but I assume because they are nocturnal, I never see them... :( I don't know how common they are around here either... I don't think I've ever seen one or heard of someone seeing one in my area (Moncton/Shediac area)

Yes nocturnal, and I believe common; I have even had one in my basement.  Since they have little contact with humans, they are quite tame.  The one in my basement "flew" and landed on me a couple of times before I was able to catch it in a live trap!  I do not think you will see them during the day.

Hi Bristen. Just FYI they are also quite common in the Moncton/Shediac area, just rarely encountered because of their nocturnal habits. Most reports come from people who see them attending their bird feeders at night.


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