So, I stopped to pick up my mail from our box on the road, when I saw this little lump on the post, took a second look, and realized it was a Gray Treefrog. I am so glad our Postie didn't think she was a piece of mail and send her off somewhere. The photos taken with a phone so they are not so great.

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Look like darned good photos to me. Great sighting.

Nice!!! What a beauty! I have yet to see one of these, although I have heard them a couple of times (and did look pretty hard to find the singer at the time)

What a magnificent little frog! Like Denis, I've heard them a few times but have never seen one. It might be good to add the location, Judy (presumably Moore's Mills, Charlotte County?). Thanks for posting.

Wow, very nice! Never seen one of those either, and I certainly have spent lots of time looking for bugs, amphibians and reptiles. Nice catch!


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