Oct 8 2017 12:20 pm. Playing hide and seek with this guy for a while was hard to get a good shot.

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This fellow showed on a trail camera.  Nice looking bull passing by camera!

Nice big one very nice. I been thinking about a trail camera it would be nice to have.

They are fun to put up.  I put one up on my property, on a well used deer trail.  Exciting to see what is coming and going.  I generally go out to camera once a week and exchange SD cards, bring the used card back to house and view on my computer.

I find it hard to believe that a moose, being as large as they are, can hide so well and move around so quietly.

Yes It must be fun there all ways some thing moving in the woods never know what you will get. Moose are very quite your more likely to see it first before you hear it.


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