This one was so hard to photograph as it would not stay still. I managed to get a few shots after much effort. Found on my yard on June 26th 2014.

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Beauty Gabriel! I've never seen one.

Nice picture Gabriel!

I do not remember seeing such a rusty coloured specimen. Is the colour of the a photo faithful rendition of the actual specimen?

Note that my monitor is not particularly good, so perhaps the issue is at my end?


Hello Ron,

It is most likely an issue at my end. I was trying to take this photo under overcast sky at around 8:45pm on auto. I've had issues with the white balance setting in my camera in the past that has changed the colour in things a bit, especially majenta. I'm still trying to figure it out. I think this specimen is in fact slightly more rusty coloured in the photo than it was to the naked eye.


Thanks Gabriel. 

I looked online some more and found pictures that were not all that different from yours.  And I too have been left wondering about off coloured photos, only to find out later I had the white balance setting wrong.  I generally leave it on automatic, changing it only when needed for a better picture.  The problem occurs the next time I go to use the camera, forgetting to make the required adjustment to the white balance setting.



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