INVERTEBRATES has suddenly become active, so I thought i would post something.

This red squirrel has been coming to the big red bird feeder for a week or two, and I don't mind at all. Curiously, none of the jays or cardinals have used this feeder, just a few chickadees -- and this squirrel. The grays are too big - the bar closes off access - but this little guy/girl does ok.

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Last fall I had one Red Squirrel, he was really territorial over one of the feeders I had out, then about 2 months later a 2nd squirrel showed up  and he wouldn't let it anywhere near the area but the third he let in, back in Dec, and I thought oh oh, this is a female.   Now I have over 7 of them , some just eat normally, but two are bad , they chew at the sides of the feeders and are abit of a pain, but my wife thinks they are cute.................

I admit they can be entertaining but they also eat alot....1 red squirrel cute, a family equals, hope it stays single for you.

I have had the gray squirrels most of the winter, but just saw a red squirrel this past weekend at the feeder tree.

I have several red squirrels here who are very well fed by our fancy "squirrel proof" feeder.  No stopping them, so we just put out more seed. lol


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