Found in my yard this morning, July 1st 2014.

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Sticking tongue out at you ... beauty images Gabriel!

Wow that's an amazing pic of a species I didn't think we had in NB.  Would love to see one!  I've only ever seen Garter and Northern redbelly snakes.

Great photos! Sandra and I disturbed one June 29 while "harvesting" some flat rocks for the garden. 

Great photos, Gabriel. I've only seen a couple in NB away from Grand Manan Island where they are surprisingly routine.

Remember this one, I found the pigment thing very interesting.

Thanks you for the nice comments folks!

They are very hard to find as they blend so well with their surroundings. I found this one under a thick piece of rubber I set out each year to attract snakes. For the last three years, I've been finding every one of our common species in our province except for the Northern Ringneck Snake. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps it will show up in my yard one day.

Thanks again guys.


Just found two better shots of it's tongue;

lucky you! I've only ever seen one of these for some reason.. and it's not because I don't look for them!


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