My Dad has been monitoring the snapping turtle population in and around Fredericton Junction since he moved there 17 years ago.  He knows of atleast 6 adult egg laying females that show up almost like clock work to there favourite nesting sites each spring.   I had always wanted to catch these turtles in action one day but as I arrived for a visit on Saturday June 24th, I had missed a large female laying her eggs by mere minutes.  We searched the area but she had already disappeared into the thick vegetation and presumably back into the North Branch Oromocto river. This

Sunday morning arrived with warm muggy conditions, so we decided to check out the known locations before it became to hot.  Upon arriving at the first location, we were excited to find a medium sized female digging a "false hole" before laying her eggs for real. Looking down the road a little further within site of this turtle, we noticed another laying it's eggs next to a dwelling WOW!! I felt extremely lucky to witness these dinosaurs of the modern day lay there eggs like they have been doing for millions of years!

Later in the day we witness one more Snapper laying her eggs for the Snapping turle hat trick in one day.  She had most of her body and head burried in the sand, no doubt trying to cool off from the sweltering heat.  She was no where to be found the next morning, only evidence of a successful egg deposition.  Here are a few pics of the experience.  All pics were taken with a zoom lens from a respectable distance.

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Andrew, I couldn't comment earlier as I was away for a few days but WOW!! This is just amazing. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

My pleasure Stuart, wish everyone could get a chance to witness this event one time in their life. It truly was spectacular.

 Fantastic images Andrew.  There was one crossing just over the yellow center line into my lane last evening on the Branch Rd as I was heading to Fredericton Junction and I really didnt see that it was a turtle till I was almost on top of it.  It may not have been so lucky when the next car came by but I pray that it made it to the other side.

Thanks Gail, where approximately was this? My dad would be interested in the whereabouts just for record if you don't mind sharing.

Well done, Andrew!!


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