Saw this friendly fellow in Newcastle Creek (near Minto) this afternoon April 25, 2016. Taken from my vehicle. Was right alongside the road. Didn't seem too concerned about anything.

Moose - Alces alces

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Wonderful pic, Jimmy!

very nice shot Jimmy that would make a nice painting

Great shot!

Saw an adult almost into Alma on the 114 today. 

Your image suggests that young 'un might be 'pibald'.... looks a bit lacking in pigment in the image. Could that be a combo of lighting plus shedding?

The one we saw yesterday was a large cow in prime coat. It was in the middle of the road but retreated to the woods as we got close to it.

Thanks everyone. Jo, its no lighting effect ... thats what it looked like. Maybe this is common this time of year ... I really have no idea but I have seen others that look this way. 'Piebald' is a new word ... had to look that one up.

We saw one on the Rock Rd that looked the same JD.....assumed it was shedding its winter coat!

Nice pic!  I'd agree that this moose is shedding winter coat.  Lighter winter undercoat is coming through the outer hairs.  Common appearance for this time of year.  Saw one a few weeks ago that looked the same.

It might have also have winter tick.  

The missing fur (looks like there is some missing on the right ear as well), the location of the missing fur, the fact that it seemed un-phased by you and your car, the bumps on the shoulder blade area (can't zoom in on it the way they do on CSI) seem to be the right colour/shape/size for engorged ticks....

Just a thought. 

"It might have also have winter tick."  

Or you know, something that makes sense.  :-P

Never heard of that E. ... it did wander off when some others  jumped out of their truck with cell phones outstretched trying to get a pic.

Fantastic to get to see this young moose.  You look like you are really close too JD...Wowzers!


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