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Martha's Pennant - NB

We may have found one at Kerrs Lake, Charlotte county, July 22, 2016. Paul B has only one record for NB up to 2014 ... one seen near Saint…

Started by Jimmy DeeLatest Reply

Common Gomphids; dorsal & lateral.

Some authors divide the genus Gomphus into Subgenera, which keeps similar species in their own group.In Gomphus (Phanogomphus) there are 4…

Started by TonyLatest Reply

Ophiogomphus males - dorsal of our 7 species, lateral of 6

Notice especially the ABSENCE of yellow makings on the dorsal surface of abdominal segments 8, 9 & 10 (last 3 segments) in O. mainensis…

Started by TonyLatest Reply

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Heat kills ?

I spent all of yesterday July 11 2018 at Spednic Lake PNA, just west of McAdam. Perfect weather, full sun, no wind, high 20's. Unfortunatel…

Started by Tony

2 on Friday
Reply by Joanne Savage

Familiar Bluet .July 3 8:22 am

Started by Laurie Grattan

3 Jul 5
Reply by Gail Taylor

Cobra Clubtail (Gomphus vastus) Fredericton, June 27, 2018

I seem to find interesting stuff in the backyard. Checked out the Larch Swale today, as well as the trail on the other side of the highway,…

Started by Danny O'Shea

13 Jul 3
Reply by Laurie Grattan

Species Account: The Azure Bluet / Agrion saupoudré (Enallagma aspersum)

Azure Bluet / Agrion saupoudré (Enallagma aspersum)   Adult size: 30-33 mm Habitat/Status: Generally uncommon and local in the Canadian Mar…

Started by Denis A. Doucet

3 Jun 28
Reply by Vicki Thomas

Are these what I think they are? Lanthus vernalis

Denis, Gilles, Stuart et al. length of female: 37mm

Started by Tony

12 Jun 25
Reply by Stuart Tingley

Some recent odes

Lifer for me is this Spine-crowned Clubtail seen in Sheffield June 15 2018. I was looking for Skillet Clubtails and thought this was .... G…

Started by Jimmy Dee

10 Jun 25
Reply by Jimmy Dee

probably Common Baskettail

These were swarming at the Spednic lake PNA on June 16 2018. Paul thinks maybe Mantled Baskettail - Epitheca semiaquea; Common - E. cynosur…

Started by Tony

6 Jun 25
Reply by Stuart Tingley

Delta Spotted Spiketial June 23 9:40 am

Started by Laurie Grattan

3 Jun 24
Reply by Jimmy Dee

A few more odes from UNB Woodlot Fredericton - June 19 2018

Nice to finally see a Harlequin Darner. Was very bright. Stream Cruiser stopped by. Again tooo bright. These next two always give me tr…

Started by Jimmy Dee

4 Jun 22
Reply by Laurie Grattan

Belted White Face Immature Male June 20 8:49 am

Started by Laurie Grattan

2 Jun 22
Reply by Laurie Grattan


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