Hillsborough Area

Graybrook Wetland Park extends west of Main Street to the golf course and east to the old gypsum silos and the Petitcodiac River, a series of ponds made by Ducks Unlimited attract an amazing array of ducks but is also a shorebird hotspot during fall migration.  When the tide is high, many sandpiper and plover take advantage of the shallow ponds to continue feeding until the tide recedes. 

There's not likely a better spring warbler area in the province than the short stretch between Mill Street and the Hillsborough sewage lagoon.  Easily accessed by the old railroad line walking trail.  Watching the weather could make a "BIG DAY", warm temperatures following a stretch of cold weather, brings the birds to life as the edge of the evergreens heat up and flying insects come to life. 


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Comment by Dwayne Biggar on April 5, 2015 at 5:22pm

Here's what I'm thinking, really brag up your area, tell us why it's the best.  I have to edit and add to this obviously, but right now, I have to get outside in that sun.  

Anyone wanting to directly access these pages, let me know and I'll make it happen.  It may be nicer for you to type directly, edit and add info on your area.  

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