How to reply/comment to existing discussions/photos

What is the proper way to respond to an existing post or picture?

Simply click on and open the post, discussion or image you wish to reply to. Enter your reply in the white 'Comment" box below the existing post or image ... and click Save. Now your reply is in the proper place. Members reading your reply will know what you are replying to.

In "discussions", you can reply to an individual comment and it will appear in the thread in a logical order. 

There are a couple of ways that a reply/comment to an existing post will lead to confusion.

1) Please do not add/start a new Discussion or Forum Topic to reply to an existing topic, discussion or photo.

2)If you make a mistake or omission in the actual posting, you can click OPTIONS then EDIT to add or make changes, this is easier and less confusing than starting another topic.  

The confusion is caused by the fact that these new posts you create are in no way connected to the post you are replying to. Members reading these will have no idea what you are replying to.

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