Feeder protection. Will it work?

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Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on June 16, 2017 at 11:21am

Raccoons and Squirrels are my main pest, but I tend to just feed from Oct to May and do humming bird feeders in summer months.  One year I had feeders up year round and I was blessed with a Scarlet Tanager at my feeder, but then had both coons and a black bear so I decided to go with just winter months.

Comment by RALPH ELDRIDGE on June 16, 2017 at 10:33am

I don't mind Doves and/or raptors, in principle. It's only when they over-run the site and/or spend so much time around that they drive away everything else.

I have a bunch of different feeder designs, both commercial and DYI.

My largest are my own making, primarily intended for high volume, although they do resist typical raccoon and squirrel damage. I'm told that one of them, at another location, demonstrated that it was bear proof.

As well as trying designs, I've moved increasingly towards thwarting access to the feeders. As you would be well aware, it's a narrow line between blocking some species but not others. 

Keeping Starlings away from my peanuts and suet: those are my current challenges.

Upside-down suet box slows them but not as much as I'd like.

Standard peanut feeders are wide open for Starlings. I've thought about overwhelming them with sheer volume. It would work for the short term but I'm afraid that very quickly the guaranteed availability would compound the problem. The Starlings are already bring their offspring.

Oh well: if it was easy somebody would be marketing the solution.

Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on June 16, 2017 at 9:34am

nuts accipiter....spelling

Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on June 16, 2017 at 9:33am

you know the dove's are great to have at the I'm not crazy......I consider them part of the healthy diet of my favorite species the Raptor, especially the jet fighter of the species the Accipter.
I appologize to anyone who might find the idea of the Dove as bait for photography of Raptors, it's part of nature and nature is often raw. I'm guessing the feeder keeps squirrels and coons at bay, so did you make the feeder or buy it Ralph?

Comment by Heather Long-Smith on June 16, 2017 at 8:09am

Sounds like you get lots of birds and that's awesome!

Comment by RALPH ELDRIDGE on June 14, 2017 at 8:39am

I get a wide range of birds, Heather. I've never attempted to keep a list of species.

As other people also find, feeder visitors vary with the seasons.

This time of year it's mainly local residents and now many of those are feeding young and/or bringing youngsters. I have a lot of Catbirds & Woodpeckers; occasional Song Sparrows & Nuthatches; Purple Finches and Goldfinches and Pine Siskins ( early nesters) are fairly numerous.

During migration most anything can show up but various sparrows, Orioles and warblers are regular.

From time to time, particularly in winter, I've had uncommon species.

Then there's the nuisance species like Starling, Bluejay, Mourning Dove & Rock Dove (Pigeon). They are around in varying number all year. 

I feed year-round and my feeder set-up is a bit extreme (and expensive) by ordinary feeding standards.

That's partly because I'm away for long periods and use big feeders to keep food available for the duration.

It's also partly because I like building and testing various designs and adaptations.

I believe in keeping a well set table so that any bird that chances by to check out the activity will find something to its taste: the "Build it and they will come." philosophy. 

My main foods are Sunflower Seed, Thistle Seed (Niger) and Suet with White Millet scattered as a ground food specifically for sparrows.

In addition, when I'm home I present Grape Jelly & Citrus. Occasionally I use other fruits and foods that might be available.    

Comment by Heather Long-Smith on June 14, 2017 at 6:44am

I'm curious - what kind of bird can eat from your feeder?  It looks interesting!

Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on June 13, 2017 at 7:07am

wow , bet the shrike will like that, it's a feeder he can use to get his feed with....

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