A flock of grackles arrived at my feeder in Lorneville on Apr. 18/18 and this one was with them. He didn't seem to be well accepted by the others and waited until most of the others had flown away and then he would eat alone. Stayed for 3 days and I didn't see him today.

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Comment by RALPH ELDRIDGE on April 22, 2018 at 10:56am

One would assume that this is last year's youngster that has not molted. (Note the old, damaged tail feathers and dark eyes.)

It's even possible that this bird is older and/or it may never molt because of some sort of condition. 

All Common Grackles normally have a full molt around late August. After that the youngsters look the same as the adults.

There are various reasons why birds sometimes retain juvenile plumage but, whatever the reason, "youngsters" are sometimes poorly received in adult company. Frequently this means that the mature birds out-compete the seemingly less developed or submissive birds. Apparently that's what you witnessed.

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