Wild Turkeys continue to expand their range northward with sighting becoming more and more common. We've had them make infrequent visits to our property in the past, but this spring we see them every couple of days. Been some hens around, but no toms, until yesterday.
This fellow showed, and for the first time I heard a Wild Turkey gobble. This guy was gobbling as he crossed the field and continued to gobble after he went into the woods.
As an experiment, I took a smart phone into the woodlot and played audio of a turkey gobble, and was able to get this bird to answer, and got a glimpse of him, but these birds are very wary, he saw something he didn't like, and left the area, but continued to gobble as he left.
Later in the evening a group of hens showed in the field, and stayed until dusk, when they all flew up into trees around the property fringe to roost.
Hens were seen again this morning.

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Comment by John MacCREADY on April 17, 2018 at 9:52am

17APR2018 - Wild Turkey sightings continue and are more frequent.  Hens still around yesterday and this morning, in fact yesterday they were mixed in with our free range laying hens.  Our rooster is confused by it all.

Yesterday afternoon a group of four toms arrived, and put on a show for us, full display mode for the hens.

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