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May you all have a Happy Easter Season with lots of…


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Re: Bird Songs in the Mourning

You are lucky to have the cardinal singing.  When I get up I usually hear the Crows.  In the last few days however I have been hearing the House Finch.  The Mourning Doves are cooing and the chickadees are whistling and using the feebee call. The mockingbird is still here. Just hearing a scolding call from this bird when any bird gets near the tree that the bird has claimed.   Although we had freezing rain and snow yesterday I am sure spring is coming.

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The Perfect Sound To Start Your Morning!!!!

Now some people start their mornings with the alarm, some start them with music or the weather network....go figure...

But for me , I love the sounds of Nature.   When I lived at Crawford Lake, I would fall asleep and awake to the sound of the Loon calling.   That was totally Awesome, and when I went to Grand Manaan in May I used to hear the Geese out on the bay and the fog horn..better then an alarm clock.

Now, I think I get the best sound of all, though I might way it to the…


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Rare Bird gets peg leg.

CBC News Link about a Sandhill Crane that got wounded by a golf ball. Interesting work done and to be done. Some of the comments were kind of funny but the bird probably doesn't find it very funny.


Rare Bird Leg Fix…


Added by Bob Betts on March 25, 2013 at 12:57pm — 1 Comment

Re: Feeders Today

I filled all my feeders this morning because they were nearly empty.  I will be away for the weekend and want the birds to have some food.  I still have a large flock of Common Red Polls at the niger socks (front and back).  The Northern Mockingbird is still guarding the back tree.  Eating the peanuts, suet and fruit I put out.  My chickadees are around and I am hoping they will nest in or around my yard. They are in and out the nest box and the hole in the tree in the front. I had 15…


Added by Janet L. MacMillan on March 22, 2013 at 12:53pm — 1 Comment

the day the water runs

I love this time of year, it's the start of things.  You go out in the woods over the winter and you might hear a chickadee or a nut hatch, the occasional woodpecker but not much else ...except the cracking and creaking of trees in the cold.

But when March comes you begin to hear life coming back into the woods, you hear the water running under the snow as things begin to thaw.  The brooks begin to run, and animals start to…


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American Redstart ....

Dwayne mentioned these pictures so I went searching and found them.I guess I will post them all but if too many they can be deleted.Anyway one sunny morning I was sitting in the garden and saw this little cutie robbing some nesting goodies from a quilt that was hanging on the neighbors clothesline.I had to crouch behind a tree to get the pictures.She did see me and gave me a look over but I guess she didn't find me a threat because she just kept coming for more ... lol.…


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Re: Common Red Polls

The last few days I have had 150 t0 200 Common Red Polls at the feeders.  Just finished watching the  Cardinal, 7 Blue Jays, 5  White winged Crossbills and Juncos.  When into the yard a  Sharp Shinned Hawk came. Landed on my baby barn but wasn't fast enough to catch anything. Got some photos.  When looking at the photos I seen that this is a different one than the one here on  Monday. The hawk on Monday killed a Mourning Dove.  Checked it out by feathers and what was left. Hawk spent Monday…


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