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"Firsts" of Season

I've been busy recently and let the featuring firsts slip a bit, unless I keep on top of it, it is easy to miss something.  If you've added a photo that is a first, could you please drop me a note perhaps with the link, it'd make my job easier.  Also let me know if I feature something twice, etc.


There are some rarities that I'm not sure should be featured first of season if they don't occur very often.  What do you folks think?  


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Photos of Breeding Evidence

We discussed asking for photos of breeding evidence, ie. gathering nesting material, courtship, carrying food, feeding young, nestlings, carrying fecal sacs, fledglings etc.  

It's a tricky subject and we don't want to encourage people to disturb nests in order to get a picture, but the information could prove useful if done in a respectful manner.  (That shouldn't be a problem with members on this site.)

I'll look for more input from those involved in the MBBA as to what to…


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Photo Blooper Hall of Fame

I was looking through some of my pictures from the last few months and had to laugh at the ones that didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. Does everybody have some in our collections?  I thought it might be a good chuckle if we posted our bloopers. Might as well laugh as cry ;)

Here is one I'm especially proud of...



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Unknown visitor this morning



We had an unknown visitor this morning : a small black bird with a bit of white on the wings. We can't identify it, can someone help us. Here is a photo.…


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My Damselfly Blog: Volume 1- Boreal Bluet VS Northern Bluet

Well, despite the weather, the time is fast approaching when we WILL see our first dragonflies and damselflies of the season! I am giddy just thinking about it!

So, I thought I would start on a series of short essays to help get people "in shape" for identifying some of the species we are likely to encounter first. Most years, my very first damselfly here at home, almost always before the end of May, is the Boreal Bluet. While there are many Bluets…


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Binocular vision in Swallows: Why they are so good at catching insects in flight!

I have always been impressed at how adept swallows are at catching insects in mid-air. They are very agile fliers, to be sure, but the fact that they can clearly see and accurately judge distance to small prey such as black flies and mosquitoes SO WELL is in no small part due to their excellent binocular vision! Coincidentally, over the weekend I managed to get two species of swallows look straight at the camera and remind me clearly of that wonderful adaptation and I thought I would share…


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Of Bobolinks, Blue-wings and Tiger Beetles: notes on new arrivals in Pelerin, May 7-9 2011

Shortly before I sat down to write this short blog, we flushed our first BOBOLINK (!) of the season from our front field next to Breau Creek here at home (no picture in the pouring rain). Over the last twenty years, I have almost always seen Bobolinks between May 4th and May 10th, so May 9th is still "normal" in my books. As they are long distance migrants (most of "ours" overwinter in Brazil, I believe), their migration is not "affected" by the weather we are having here per se. I hope to…


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"Like" button

We now have a "LIKE" button, let me know if you like it.

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Groundhog Wonder

    I was taking a walk around the yard the other day, looking for things to photograph when I glimpsed something brown and furry stretched out in a tree. When I went to take a look I saw a Groundhog, sitting proudly beneath a bush, feeling the wind through its fur. When I approached it, the furry creature dashed into an underground hole and dissapeared.

    I went back the next day with the camera and sure enough, the Groundhog was there again. It let me get closer to take pictures…


Added by Olivia Doucet on May 2, 2011 at 9:02pm — 3 Comments

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