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My backyard

This is some answers to Mario's crow problems. I live in a area where there are crows, pigeons, and gulls. My neighbour takes care of these birds. She enjoys throwing out bread and these birds visit her yard. I have small feeders so it is hard for pigeons and crows to sit on any of my feeders. Some people will put a wire cage around their feeders to prevent these birds from getting into the feeders. I am sure you can find a how to on a search on the Internet. I do have a nice platform feeder… Continue

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Backyard Activity

I haven't been birding in the backyard the last few days.  I was birding on the weekend in Grand Manan.  Had a great time and saw 134 species from Moncton to home again.  Was lucky to see the Tundra Swan.  It has been many years since I seen that species.  Yesterday I saw 4 little heads poking out of the Robin's nest in the yard. Mom Robin is busy feeding the babies. I am not sure on the Song Sparrow.  Will continue to watch them.  The Mockingbirds have decided to nest in a neighbour's…


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How a BC Chickadee holds a seed

Glenn and I have had some fun getting pictures of how a chickadee holds a seed. He has some good ones ... and here are my best I took today.…


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Today in my backyard

I have been busy in my office yesterday and didn't get a chance to post this.   I clipped my grape vine on Friday.  For everyone who doesn't know,  a grape vine will just drip sugar water on the clipped ends. It can be messy where it drips on wood.  Turns the wood black.  I have had the hummingbird here sipping on the ends of the grape vine and visiting the feeder on the Magnolia Tree.  Just hope the weather turns to some warm dry days. Have a pair of Chipping Sparrows picking up nest…


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Backyard Activity

I worked out in the backyard today.  I had 5 White throated Sparrows around forgaging in the parts where I haven't raked.This is the highest number of these guys I have had at once in the yard.   The robin is sitting on a nest on the fence line.  I also have a pair of House Finch coming to the mixed seed feeders. The male House Finch is very brightly coloured.  I am trying to get a picture of him. I have my hummingbird feeders out but haven't seen any hummingbirds yet.

I am still…


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Backyard activity

When I got up this morning and was drinking my first coffee of the day on my back deck both mockingbirds were eating the grapes. I purchased more of those big purple ones with seeds yesterday for them. Robins are enjoying them also. I heard a Chipping Sparrow singing. The chickadees were busy coming and going at their nest site. I was surprised to see 2 Common Red Polls at the Niger sock and 3. Pine Siskins. Yesterday I hung up 2 humming bird feeders. I am ready for the hummers. What a great… Continue

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Today in my backyard

I was out in the yard most of the morning.  Of course both mockingbirds were  around eating the grapes. I have found a robin's nest on the fence. The robin is continuing putting nest material in it.   The robins and mockinbirds   seem to have settled their differences.  I also have a Chipping Sparrow singing.  The chickadees are busy at the nest hole.  It was so nice to hear and see the Tree Swallows overhead.  I have 2 neighbours who have nest boxes where the Tree Swallows nest. I am…


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Today in my backyard

I spend another afternoon in the backyard watching the birds with my birding buddy Alain Clavette.  He  drove into the driveway and had a small bag with him.   I was sure it was a present for me.  No it was large purple grapes for the mockingbirds.  We hung them on the trees in the backyard and waited.  Alain took some more pictures of the 2 mockingbirds.  I just hope the light was right and no branches in the way this time. I am watching these 2 birds and I hope to find where and if they…


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