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Bird Trivia 27/11/12

Nutcrackers and Jays have evolved a sublingual (under the tongue) pouch for storing seeds to hide in caches throughout the forest. They hide between 70,000 and 100,000 seeds each fall. Even after snowfall, they manage to find 50 % of them by remembering surrounding terrain and landmarks. The pouch can carry as much as four dozen seeds. One day last fall I counted 176 sunflower seeds that a…


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Bird Trivia

The largest egg of any living bird is the ostrich egg (approx. 5.5" Dia, 6.5" Long) and with 1/8" thick shell. The smallest egg is that of the Bee Hummingbird of Cuba weighing in at .2 grams which is smaller than that of a smartie or an M & M. The largest egg ever laid was that of the extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar which is 15 times larger than an ostrich egg. An omelet made from this bird would serve 75 people. No wonder it's extinct, too much demand for those big Sunday brunch…


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Bird Trivia

Once a week I will be posting some amazing facts and trivia from a book written by Dr. Roger Lederer. In my own words I will sum up a treasury of facts and trivia about the Avian World. Check every Tuesday if you like this idea.


Today, Did you know that the Petral was named after St. Peter as it seems to walk on the water before it takes off?

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