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Happy Belated Anniversary Birding New Brunswick

I missed the actually anniversary again this year, I always associate the beginnings of the site with Thanksgiving, the family was away and I had lots of time to play around with My Page settings etc.  

Anyway, it was three years ago October 7 and the site is still going strong, successful because of all the folks who put so much time into it, both administrative and (especially) those who have a specific area of expertise that they share with all us beginners. 

Thanks ALL for…


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"Firsts" of Season

I've been busy recently and let the featuring firsts slip a bit, unless I keep on top of it, it is easy to miss something.  If you've added a photo that is a first, could you please drop me a note perhaps with the link, it'd make my job easier.  Also let me know if I feature something twice, etc.


There are some rarities that I'm not sure should be featured first of season if they don't occur very often.  What do you folks think?  


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Photos of Breeding Evidence

We discussed asking for photos of breeding evidence, ie. gathering nesting material, courtship, carrying food, feeding young, nestlings, carrying fecal sacs, fledglings etc.  

It's a tricky subject and we don't want to encourage people to disturb nests in order to get a picture, but the information could prove useful if done in a respectful manner.  (That shouldn't be a problem with members on this site.)

I'll look for more input from those involved in the MBBA as to what to…


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"Like" button

We now have a "LIKE" button, let me know if you like it.

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Image for Network Icon

If anyone would like to try to make a new image for the network icon to replace the cartoonish chickadee that appears, it would be welcome by me at least.  

I'm thinking someone might be able to photoshop up something that says nature in New Brunswick out of their images.  Or collaborate with other members.   

Maybe there should be a competition and a prize.  Lets say a month free membership (oh, let's make it a year).

Maybe even something better.


This is…


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Site Guidelines

We're working on some updated guidelines to posting on the site.  We've been talking about it for some time but haven't put it down in writing.  I'll get started with a few things we've discussed, the other committee members will add what they've come up with and members can add their concerns and suggestions in the form of replies to this blog.  

Then we'll draw straws to see who gets to compile it into a document.

1) All posts pertaining to nature in New Brunswick are…


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Looking for Volunteers or Nominations

We would like three members to serve on a committee to that would vote on any situations that may arise.  We currently have 4 members and think 7 would be appropriate to vote on small matters and make minor changes to main page text/policy.  Major changes or problems could be put to a vote by the whole membership via the poll app. 

Currently on the committee are:

Anne Marsch

Mary Knockwood

Denis Doucet

Dwayne Biggar


If you, or someone you…


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New Look

The network has upgraded and in order to be able to make changes we had to upgrade as well.  Unfortunately the old appearance wasn't supported by the upgrade.

We had to change the look somewhat, the bad thing is, all your pages have reverted to the main page format.  The good thing is, you now have many more options when it comes to customizing your home page.  We are still toying with the look of the page, playing with font sizes, colours, hyperlinks and other options we had no…


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Posting Photos

There has been some concern about posting photos full size and the site running out of space.  Some people have stopped posting pictures as they find it difficult to resize, (myself included).  

There is lots of room for expansion or another option is archiving.  

Please feel free to post any size picture, especially if it's something you want help to identify.  

If it's not the best quality and you want to delete it after you've made your ID that's fine too, but don't…


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Invitation to Create Groups

We invite anyone to create a group, you may want to start a geographical or special interest group. For example I invite Denis A. Doucet (AKA dddragonflynb) to start a Dragons and Damsels Group, if that is a topic you are interested in.
It doesn't have to be all about birds, we just had to name the network something. You never know what will turn up if it's easy for everyone to upload their pictures, example: Moncton Peregrines.
Any local clubs may want to form groups even if it's just…

Added by BNB Host on October 10, 2010 at 1:28pm — 2 Comments

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