The Blind at Bloomfield Ridge -Comes down tomorrow

Well I took down the wood blind 2 weeks ago and put my ground blind up where it was standing.  Today my landlord showed up and went down and started cutting down the trees near where my blind is so I have to remove it in the morning.  I was hoping to continue till the end of the month, but I guess that's just not an option.

So will go down early, put out feed, sit in blind for abit , then strike down the blind but will continue to feed till May then it will be done, and next year will likely not be able to put up a new blind there.  Nuts.....:(

I hate renting....

Ah well least there are always places to set up for the day.

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Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on April 18, 2017 at 6:38pm

I still have the feeders up, and I built a hide of sorts using fallen timbers and brush.  I had birds landing right on beside my head, great for watching but hard to use it for photography.

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