The Blind at Bloomfield Ridge -Feb Bird List

1] Black Cap Chickadee

2] Pileated Woodpecker

3] Raven

4] American Goldfinch

5] Purple Finch

6] Evening Grosbeak

7] Blue Jay

8] Downy Woodpecker

9]American Crow

10] Northern Cardinal

11] Red Tail Hawk

12] Dark eyed Junco

13] European Starling

14] Hairy Woodpecker

15] Red Breasted Nuthatch

16]American Tree Sparrow

17] Mourning Dove

18] Bald Eagle

19] Snow Bunting

20] Barred Owl

21] Robin

22]Tree Creeper

23] Boreal Chickadee

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Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on March 29, 2017 at 12:40pm

Our club just had an outing here, if we have another one I will post it, though I have to take the blind down soon as it isn't on our property but property I have permission to use during the winter months.  

Really it's quite easy to do, you just put up a blind, put up feeders and watch what comes, making sure to keep feeders filled throughout the winter so birds that rely on your feeders don't starve.  On average we go through an 18kg bag of black oil a month and 2 suets a month.   We can't have a pet dog where we live so we just look at the feed as feeding our pet birds   You would be surprised what will come to your feeders if you create an environment for them.  Cover, Water, and Food - top 3 ingredients, another is to watch where the birds tend to be and build your blind in that area.

Trees and bushes with berries always make a good choice or a natural source of water like a brook.

Comment by Kelly A MacKay on March 29, 2017 at 11:25am

Nice , I would like to go to this place

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