The Blind at Bloomfield Ridge -The last days of March

So I have some pics from the last days of March at the Blind, sadly things will change as my Landlord is choosing to cut down all the Hawthornes and burn the brush piles.  He has 2 brush piles of hawthorne already cut which the birds have used as a source of cover over the winter, and now they are going to be burnt.  I understand burning before the fire season but what I don't understand is why, he doesn't use the area where the hawthorne is growing, it's on an old fence row to an old field which they don't use other then keeping clear for the view of Bloomfield Ridge.  You can't see the brush piles from the house or the road and they are never down in that area.   

But it's there land not mine, this is why I hate renting, maybe someday we will own instead of rent :}

By May I will have to take down the blind and feeders so April will be an interesting month of migration I hope.

You can see the Black spotting in the Downy's tail 

Every time I see a Gold Finch I have to check the eye to make sure there isn't an eye ring.

Couple of years ago I took an old feeder and put it off the trails at Dutch Point, I was in there last week and found it was still there, so I brought it back home and set it up by the blind, the finches like it.

Ah the European Starlings....they are like natures vacuum cleaner

Funny all winter the female Purple Finches have been coming to the feeders by the blind, but the males have been shy and stand offish, but with Mating Season around the corner, they have become bold.

I started off the winter season with flocks of about 20 Evening Grosbeaks, and now on a good day I have flocks of approx 75 birds, and with all their singing it sounds like 1000's of birds.

The American Goldfinches are starting to really change into breeding colours, the males mostly have their black caps, it's funny how quickly it happens.

When setting up blinds and feeders it's important to have good clear views and lots of places for birds to perch and find cover, hence the Christmas tree.

I had one of the members of Hampton Nature Club out last week, he's a photographer, enjoys wildflowers and insects but is new to the birding seen.  Sometimes we forget about when we were new to the geek birding world, I was explaining to him what a Pine Siskin looked like compared to a Goldfinch since they are relatively the same size, and I think this pic is a good example of it, so I leave you with this as the final shot.

Happy Birding;

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Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on April 16, 2017 at 9:31am

So the landlord was back and he started cutting again, this time he took down a bunch of poplar trees, some old which the Pileated were working on (sigh) and some young and still full of life.  Not sure what he's doing , looks like he is just cutting down all the trees....but it's his land so..  just makes me wish we had our own land.

Comment by Paul & Kitty Martin on April 4, 2017 at 11:19am

RiP to the Hawthorne, burned one pile yesterday and they are doing the other today, and this morning there was a significant drop in birding activity at the blind, though lots of birds around.  100's of Robins and lots of Geese flying about.

The small birds were using the hawthorne brush piles for cover and I believe roosting all winter, so with them gone it seems quieter over there :(

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