I haven't seen this reported in any of the public groups but there is an eBird report of a Glossy Ibis hanging around with two Great Egrets at the Irving Nature Park in Saint John West this morning at 9am. I don't have any further details yet.

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I'm just happy you posted it, thanks Stu.

I saw a picture of the Glossy Ibis posted on the Facebook group, New Brunswick Birds. 

Thanks, Nathan. I had overlooked that.

Glossy ibis still present today, April 17. It's close to the road going to INP just where pavement ends but better seen from the highway.

The ebird report says it's in Kings County, but it's really in Saint John County, not a big issue, just something I noticed.

I'm trying to get the observer to correct this. She used an app on her iPhone while she was in Kings County to enter the data from her visit to the Irving Nature Park. The app used the location where she was when she entered the data as the location of the sighting.

HI Stu

I Saw two Great Egrets and a third white bird but I didn't get a good look at the third bird as they flew off, I assumed they were all egrets. Attached a picture of the Egret before they flew off. There is a small marsh area down the road to the water treatment plant off the Sand Cove Road on the right is a road you can walk down to the marsh it is where this picture was taken on Sunday Apr16/17. (just a stones throw from Irving Nature Park.


Very nice image! I have seen 2 Great Egret just a bit further toward Saint John recently. Originally I heard there were 3 Great Egret near the Tourist Bureau along the highway. Seems you caught up with all three.

Just realized you were speaking of the same place I saw two GREA. On the highway, it's on the right between Km marker 117 and 118.

Stu, I saw this bird yesterday from along the highway. It was feeding on the marsh right below the Tourist Bureau. 

Great Egrets also viewed in small swampy area between Km markers 117 and 118.


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