In my trap, Fredericton, am 12vi18

Using my P&S for these biggies, easier than my 200mm monster setup!

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Has the name changed, Tony? I know this as the Pepper-and-Salt Geometer.

Depends who you follow, MPG or BG.

It's Peppered Moth in UK where the classical predation story unfolded.

Thanks, Tony, I wondered if it was from 'across the pond'... I've used the version from Peterson, since I first found there was such a beautiful critter..

Noticed your mention of predation so did some research. A very interesting story, indeed, related to this moth.

Beautiful!! Haven’t had one yet.  I wondered the same thing about the name and was going to check it out.  

Yesterday was a pretty decent day. I had a rare micro... will have to post to see what you think. 

Delaying going out there this morning... cold and wet... 


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