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Nice catch, Jo. I've only had the Fluid Arches a couple of times. Very windy here last night plus camera is broken. I dug out an old camera but can't find the charger anywhere so waiting for a charger to arrive in the mail. 

Thanks, Stu! I tend to get this one a few times/season.

Well, you're not having a good season so far, between weather and equipment. Is your regular camera fixable?

The shutter is gone. Exact same thing that happened to my last Canon SX50 HS. When you take 20,000 photos per year on a cheap camera that is often the first thing to go. Repair costs about the same as replacing. I'm hoping my old camera will be "good enough"! I actually found my old charger this morning so am charging batteries right now and will give the camera a test run this afternoon. Cool and very windy here today. 

Understand re camera, Stu. Am happy you found the charger for the 'old' camera... hope you get a break with weather; it's about time!

I haven't had the Fluid Arches at all.  A real beauty! Congrats Joanne!

Had the German Cousin yesterday (new for me) and a Hyriomena (eye roll) 

This morning was ok...mostly the same returns except for The Eastern Panthea and the pretty Ochre Dagger.  I have a tiny micro cooling.

Stuart, sorry to hear your camera is broken!!  Knock on wood my 50 holds out.  I know a few people where the display screen just went black and that was that.  Hope your old one works. I only use the SX50/250 Raynox for Moths.  I bought the SX60/150 Raynox, well over a  yr ago and use them for everything else.

Thanks, Nancy. The old camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ150) is working but image quality and versatility of the camera are definitely a step backwards from my last two cameras (both Canon SX50 HS). Will save up for an SX60 HS or the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. 


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