I left the outside back door light on overnight by mistake but turned it off as soon as I got up this morning. I didn't check for moths but it was so cold when I went to bed that I couldn't imagine anything new coming in. A couple of hours ago as I was coming into the house I noticed there was a moth down low on the shingles near the back door. I took a quick look with my glasses on and it seemed unfamiliar so I decided to get my camera. But before I could get my camera I got sidetracked and forgot about it. I remembered a half hour ago and grabbed my camera and went outside to see if was still there. Of course it hadn't moved and I took a few photos. I didn't recognize it.

Since I was already doing some photo editing I decided to download the photos of the mystery moth and found it quite quickly at MPG. Well, I should say that I THINK I found it. It's quite distinctive so I'm pretty confident. It seems to be mainly a southern species but apparently breeds up the east coast as far as Maine. Pohl et. als. 2018 do not list any records for Canada but list it as 'P' - Probable, to be expected but no records yet.

Cormierville, Kent County, New Brunswick

16 June 2018

Scribbled Sallow Moth Simpistis perscripta  Hodges # 10154

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Quite the beauty, Stu... I checked MPG and certainly agree with your opinion as to id of this moth.

Thanks, Jo! I checked again but can't find anything similar that I could confuse it with.

WOW!!  I'm jealous!  It looks bang on to me Stewart!

The wind must of blown it up from the States.   Congrats!!...I see you have it on BG

Thanks very much, Nancy. Nice to see something new!

The identification has been confirmed by B. Christian Schmidt at the CNC in Ottawa. He is one of the authors of the new "Annotated Checklist of Moths and Butterflies of Canada and Alaska" and he also confirms that it is new for Canada! The specimen will go to the NB Museum.

Congrats on that find Stu !

Thanks, Danny.

Well done, Stu and CONGRATULATIONS!!

Thanks again, Jo!

Good eye Stu ! Congrats !!

Thanks very much, Derek!

Awesome, Stu! Congrats on the find!


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