Trap seems to have been doing a brisk business during what is now last evening. This guy cam in and landed on the deck near the trap. I immediately thought 'The Laugher' [shows how often I have been through Peterson Guide to Moths!!]. This image taken under artificial light. Another new moth for me!!

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Other moths from last evening/night: Lunate Zale, Maple Spanworm, Pepper-and-Salt Geometer, Fingered Dagger, Luna,Splendid Palpita, Flame-shouldered Dart, Night-wandering Dagger, Marbled Leuconycta, Lemon Plagodis, Arched Hooktip and Northern Pale Alder. There are a few that do not yet have id.

Moved a plant on the front deck intending to set the moth trap out, this popped out of the plant. Posed for a better image.

I knew it right away!!  Woo Hoo!!  took it long enough to show up...maybe I'll get it. 

I had the German Cousin after you did and I had the Fluid Arches this morning....hoping for this one too!  Great shots Joanne and a BIG congrats!  

Thanks, first Yellowhorn!! As with you, I knew what it was when I first laid eyes on it. Such a distinctive critter for sure!


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