We traveled to Scott Brook, north of St. Stephen in search of the Broad-tailed Shadowdragons, but they did not show.  However, we did find our first Jewelwings of the season, both got a lifer in the Ocellated Emerald which JD posted, a Stream Cruiser, Rusty Snaketail, and a Moustached Clubtail.  Lots of neat odes out there, and we love hunting and searching for the next big find.

Williamsonia fletcheri ~~ Ebony Boghaunter ~~ June 10, 2018  Elmsville, Charlotte County, NB

Stylogomphus albistylus ~~ Eastern Least Clubtail ~~June 16, 2018, Rte 770, Charlotte Co., NB

Enallagma signatum ~~ Orange Bluet~~June 16, 2018, Rte 770, Charlotte Co., NB

Argia moesta~~ Powdered Dancer~~June 16, 2018, Rte 770, Charlotte Co., NB

Dromogomphus spinosus~~Black-shouldered Spinyleg~~June 18, 2018, Rte 770, Charlotte Co., NB

Calopteryx aequabilis~~River Jewelwing~~June 9, 2018, Rte 745 Scott Brook, Char. Co., NB

Phanogomphus exilis~~Lancet Clubtail~~June 16, 2018, Moores Mills, Charlotte Co., NB

Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis~~Rusty Snaketail~~June 9, 2018, Rte 745 Scott Brook, Char. Co., NB

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Wonderful post, Gail!

Thank you Denis......I was really hoping for the Pygmy to be at the top of my photo collection, but I feel it is getting past the date of emergence for this year.  I have been looking since early June.  I do have a fair size bag of exuvia collected for perusing a possible skin that matches our elusive dragon friend, but I need some practice on that skill......lol!

Gail, Jim Edsall and I saw 20+ adults of Pygmy Snaketails at FOUR locations along the Miramichi on June 24th, 2007. While it may be past emergence time (I underline may, as it has been cool this year), it is certainly NOT too late to find Pygmy Snaketails. Of all the spots you visit, I bet Piskehegan is still your best bet. Second Falls (the Ball Field there) is also good. Scott Brook and the Maguaguadivic at Thomaston Corner are all good too. Please don't give up. You are finding great stuff! Cheers!

Great Gail! That elusive Ebony Boghaunter ... I was with Gail for that one. After she got her image she was pointing to it saying "its right there". I just couldn't see it and it was about 10 feet away. This went on for a few minutes then it flew away. I still haven't seen these except the roadkill one she spotted last year on St Davids Ridge Rd.

What a fantastic collection of odes and very nice photos, Gail! Great work. Thanks for sharing.


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